This Will Help You Avoid Becoming A Crime Victim

“Safety At A Glance”

The Ancient Science That Could Save Your


Put your safety first How to Avoid Being a Crime Victim

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Put Your Safety First With Face Reading!
We don’t ever think that it can happen to us. We feel terrible when we read news stories about innocent victims of crime or see people on TV grieving for lost loved ones.

We think that we are immune from such misfortune. Unfortunately, we’re not. Every year women are robbed, raped and murdered. Even though you can say, “that has never happened to me”, count your lucky Stars that it hasn’t, but don’t take it for granted.

Your Personal Safety Is Up To You

There are numerous dangerous high-risk professions. Everyday we meet with strangers, who are unknown to us. When something goes wrong, how can we protect ourselves? If you can’t protect yourself, would anyone know where you are? We all have natural instincts and we should always trust our intuition.

There is an
Ancient Science, which will validate your intuitions and put labels on your instinctive impressions of people you meet. In a matter of seconds you can identify certain features in people, which provides you with instant information. Your internal emergency beacon will be activated and allow you to end the uncertainty of a situation before it starts.

The Ancient Science That Could Save Your Life
Ancient Science of Face and Body Reading finds its roots in early Egyptian times, where recorded writings tell us that the Egyptians were studying body and facial structure to identify how people act or react in the moment. This study was carried forward by Aristotle, the father of Physiognomy (the study of human structure) and is spoken of by Plato, who in his writings, tells of Socrates selecting his pupils according to their structural build.

Aristotle, the father of Science, had a system of noticing a person’s natural individuality from his structure. Aristotle suggested that the structure / function approach be carried further, isolating many human characteristics that are connected with the natural body. He recommended noticing what certain persons have in common in their inherent features / tendencies and then determine the physical coincident. Aristotle found that people who are built rugged are inclined to act ruff and rugged. Whereas people who are built more thin skinned and delicate are inclined to act thin skinned and delicate. He noticed that broad faced people displayed more self-confidence and acted quickly with more assuredness of themselves. With a little help from Aristotle, you will learn how to identify several key characteristics that will put labels on your native intuition.

Don’t Be A Crime Victim
You can now have an edge with this
Ancient Wisdom. With the power of this knowledge and when you feel uncomfortable in a situation, you will be able to identify these facial indicators that will sound your inner alarm that your personal safety is in jeopardy.